Baseball Superstars 2010

Baseball Superstars 2010 1.9.3

Baseball fun on your iPhone


  • Cute graphics
  • Choice of ten teams
  • Diverse range of characters
  • In-depth season mode
  • Lots of fun game modes


  • Prone to crashes
  • No multiplayer

Very good

Looking for a fun baseball sim for your iPhone? Then give Baseball Superstars 2010 a try.

Baseball Superstars 2010 gives you a taste of what it's like to be a major leaguer as you tough it out as both pitcher and batter. There are ten different teams to choose from in Baseball Superstars 2010, and plenty of game options. You can choose to play a one-off game, play as a single player in a league, or play a full season. The season mode is very detailed, including aspects such as training, equipment, trading, and stats. There's also a Homerun Race and a Mission mode, which are both a lot of fun to play. Baseball Superstars 2010 even includes an edit mode where you can change the names of the players in each team.

The game controls in Baseball Superstars 2010 are based around an on-screen joystick, plus some action buttons. You get a lot of control over pitching, selecting the type of throw you will make by pushing the corresponding direction on the joystick. Batting is also a joy, and it's a case of positioning yourself and timing your strike correctly.

Success is about tactics as well as skill, though. Things like judging when to steal, which players to trade and when to use your special characters all help to make Baseball Superstars 2010 more of a challenge and give the gameplay depth.

Graphically, Baseball Superstars 2010 is great fun. I like the fact that there's such a range of unique characters. Although this is very much a cartoon baseball sim, the vivid colors and cutesy character designs should win over even the most serious baseball fans.

Hopefully, we'll see an update of Baseball Superstars 2010 soon because at present the game is a bit buggy. Sometimes the game quits out for no reason, and some players have reported problems with the game resetting when they receive a phone call. I’d also love to see a two-player mode over WiFi/Bluetooth added to the game.

Baseball Superstars 2010 is great fun to play, and I'd recommend you give it a try even if you're not normally a fan of cartoonish sports sims.

Menu crash bug has been fixed Flip screen bug has been fixed


  • Menu crash bug has been fixed Flip screen bug has been fixed
Baseball Superstars 2010


Baseball Superstars 2010 1.9.3

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